DesignCode Portfolio

Big Stretch Yoga

We've worked with Big Stretch Yoga since 2003. In fact, we custom-built our very first content management system for them in 2004. When the time came to redesign their website, CMS and email marketing system, Joanne Lowe cam to designcode.
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Eva Cherneff Photography

As with most photographers, Eva Cherneff was looking for a website that highlighted the quality and content of her images. As such, we designed a clean, minimal interface which allowed the photos to speak for themselves. But Eva's more than a great photographer. She's a chef, horse rider and exceptionally busy so she needed a content management system that was focused and allowed her to do what she needed without a lot of extraneous stuff.
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The Little Cakery

Cathryn Kissinger is one of Victoria's leading pastry chefs and cake-makers. DesignCode was honoured to be chosen to design her identity and website. For The Little Cakery, our challenge was to create a design that both reflected the beauty and decorative nature of her work while maintaining the clarity and focus for site users.
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Mercury Communications

One of Victoria's leading independent PR and COmmunications consultants, Anne MacLaurin and DesignCode have had many successful collaborations together. We were honoured when Mercury Communication came to DesignCode to develop their identitiy and website.
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